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[] sealing insulating joint detection joint factory
U type symmetric sealing system consists of an insulating joint has two sides of the sealing ring, and the insulating joint internal rigid insulation ring closely together, but also by firmly pressing the left flange in between the pre reserved space, so as to achieve the best sealing effect, this the sealing system is specially designed for the production of insulating joints, and patented technology, the insulation joint sealing technology is often referred to as DSGS, double seal system.
The advantages of double insulated joint gasket system:
Do not need precise tolerances or special surface finishing machine, this system can also act on the two symmetrical forging surface and metal insulation gasket between various components work together to complete the sealing work.
The sealing parts with larger cross-sectional area of the deformation of a series of structural pressure effect, because the sealing ring is a large cross-sectional area, before the liquid side leakage, must go through a long distance.
The sealing system, insulation pad is wrapped completely in all, under the sudden pressure drop, no deformation.
With the increase of sealing system of pipeline system pressure will produce a balanced reverse force, ensure the force balance of the sealing system, pressure cycle does not affect the sealing system.
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