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The overall type insulating joint significance

In the light of The overall type insulating joint significance This topic 2015-9-8 17:01:52 we consulted a lot of information with our years of Insulation flange | Insulating joint The production experience, the insulating joint effect on the overall type of meaning has his own opinion. Integral type Insulating joint The role of buried steel oil, gas and water pipelines because of corrosion damage, not only reduces the life, serious when will cause an accident. Effective measures to prevent corrosion by cathodic protection technology. In cathodic protection, protected pipeline and some device, which is connected with the equipment, cut off the electrical connection between the branches, to avoid the loss to the current cathodic protection does not need the parts connected on protection. In order to ensure the success of the cathodic protection technology. Used in the past Insulation flange To achieve this by electric connection. But the construction site installation Insulation flange Should be clean, no moisture, this is difficult to achieve.Insulation flange bolt is often not reliable. It has been proved that many Insulation flange Only the short-term insulation guarantee.Because Insulation flange The failure often makes the cathodic protection system of the elaborate design and construction failure, caused by leakage or leakage, then pay a high maintenance costs. In addition, Insulation flange The embedded auxiliary structures often require a well - flange, increase floor and additional fees for the ground.

Above is my view of the whole factory type insulation joint is the significance of the role of their own, if there are different opinions welcome discussion

Customer purchase should provide data to the manufacturers, production by the manufacturers design, can ensure service life or quality. The insulating joint, which belongs to the special insulating flange pipeline equipment, the purchase must choose qualified manufacturers or well-known brand products, in order to avoid the accident.

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