Complete pipeline cleaning equipment

QRP type polyurethane soft tube cleaner


Commodity details

Pig product definition : in the pipeline internal fluid (gas, liquid) under the impetus of the interior of the pipe cleaning a special tool, which can carry radio transmitting device, and on the ground of the radio receiving device composed of pigging equipment for electronic tracking and detection system.

Our company successfully developed the largest diameter DN1400 cup type and straight type pipe cleaner has been put into use

Product features : this company produces electronic positioning pipeline pigging equipment has strong resistance and passing ability, good cleaning effect, accurate locating and tracking, etc..

Applicable conditions :

The bend radius of curvature R = 1.5D (nominal diameter pipeline = 150);

R = 2.5D (nominal diameter of pipeline is less than or equal to 100);

The pipeline deformation: D = 20%;

Medium temperature: -40 = T = 90 DEG c;

EQUIDIAMETER three stalls should pass the ball basket;

The pipe diameter or less accessories;

The main line should use the full bore valve;

Metal and non-metal pipeline pressure can;

Elastic compensation element should be diversion.

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